Cherry Bomb and Bottle Rocket Muzzle Devices by Q

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    If you follow the firearms industry news then there is probably no need to introduce you the company that is simply called Q. This company is specialized in manufacturing suppressors, suppressor-tuned weapon systems, and suppressor related accessories. Just like many other suppressor manufacturers Q also makes their own muzzle devices. Today we’ll take a look at Cherry Bomb and Bottle Rocket muzzle devices made by Q.

    Cherry Bomb by Q

    Cherry Bomb and Bottle Rocket Muzzle Devices by Q (1)111

    One of the Q’s muzzle devices is called Chery Bomb. It has external threads which allow attaching the suppressors right onto it. Particularly, Cherry Bomb is compatible with Q’s Thunder Chicken and Trash Panda suppressors. This muzzle device features small holes drilled all around its circumference making it a non-directional device. In other words, you don’t need to time it on the rifle and it will have about the same orientation no matter where it stops on the threads of the rifle. It also has a tapered shoulder in front of the suppressor threads which provides a secure and reliable alignment and seal.

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    Another interesting design feature is the absence of wrench flats on this muzzle device which makes it a really compact and lightweight one. The overall length of the Cherry Bomb is 1.64″ and it adds only .8″ to the length of the weapon. The weight of this muzzle device is 2 oz. In order to tighten the Cherry Bomb onto the muzzle, you need to use a socket wrench. The 1/2″ socket will fit the front profile of this muzzle brake.

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    Cherry Bomb is available for firearms with 1/2-28 or 5/8-24 muzzle thread pitches. It is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $75.

    Bottle Rocket by Q

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    Let’s say you have the Cherry Bomb on your weapon but you don’t always use a suppressor. That will leave the Cherry Bomb with exposed threads making them vulnerable to being damaged. The simplest solution seen in the industry is the use of thread protector and Bottle Rocked is designed to partially work as a thread protector for the Cherry Bomb.

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    As you can imagine, the Bottle Rocket is not just a thread protector but converts the Cherry Bomb into arguably a more effective muzzle brake. It has the same internal threads and tapered shoulder as the Q suppressors have which allows to directly screw it onto the Cherry Bomb. The mechanism of tightening is identical for both of these muzzle devices and requires a socket wrench to install/uninstall them.

    The MSRP for Bottle Rocket by Q is $85.

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