UM Tactical Introduces Modular Muzzle Brake R.A.G.E. System

    UM Tactical of Lake Worth, Florida, has introduced their R.A.G.E. “Total Compensation System”. The “Rapid Adjustable Gas Expulsion” system is a modular and fully tunable muzzle device built around a core. UM Tactical touts it as the “world’s first re-configurable recoil tuning and management device” (I would contend the various extendable suppressor systems were first, but I’ll give UM Tactical the benefit of being the first muzzle brake that I know of).


    The RAGE uses 5 adjustable port washers that allow one to change the gas diversion pattern to tune the weapon system. Three of these washers mount on a central barrel system, which can then be set to various angles to tune the muzzle device.

    The base “barrel” comprises of five sections. The mounting section includes wrench flats. From there, its three ports for the various washers, which UM Tactical refers to as the high, mid, and low pressure ports. The tip is threaded for the cap.


    The total package confirms to 3 Gun Nation and USPSA multi-gun rules (no more than 1″ OD and 3″ from the muzzle).

    Retail is set at $159.99, which considering the complexity is reasonable, especially if it performs as advertised. The package includes case, crush washer, barrel device, 5 port washers, and the muzzle barrel nut, and a shooters configuration log. Available colors include black and silver.


    Nathan S

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