Witt Machine Directional Muzzle Brake

    Witt machine has a new combination muzzle device hitting the market. It is a three piece unit that includes a side vented comp that is threaded on the outside (as well as the internal threading to mate to your rifle).

    They are CNC machined from 416 Stainless Bar Stock and come in three finishes (Smooth Stainless, Graphite Black, and Desert Sand).

    You can fire as is, or thread on one of two additional shrouds. There is both a spiral cut flash hider and a noise and sound directional sleeve.

    I was able to briefly test fire all devices at the booth here at Range Day, and I am pretty impressed. The directional shroud did a did a really good job of reducing the perceived sound, and all combinations of the device did a great job of not annoying the shooters in line behind me (nor was it annoying to me to be in line). There was not really a way to assess the flash suppression, but I didn’t notice a huge fireball either… 🙂

    It ships with the base piece, a spiral cut shroud, the solid directional shroud and a new crush washer. It is threaded 1/2-28 and bored for .223/5.56. Overall length is 1.75″ and .950″ in diameter (at the widest with a shroud installed). MSRP is $125.

    They also are producing a large caliber version threaded 5/8-24 and bored for caliber of choice. Same price but the overall length is 2.25″ and .995″ wide.

    Hopefully I will be getting one in to do a full T&E on…


    Individual components


    Spiral cut, partially threaded


    Directional shroud partially threaded


    Top angle view



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