Bird of Prey Compensator

    The Bird of Prey Compensator is quite a different design from normal muzzle devices. Rather than being CNC lathed, this is made with milled out plates. The plates are stacked and provide more surface area for the muzzle blast to interact with.

    Bird of prey muzzle


    Bird of prey muzzle 2



    Mark Miller of the Loadout Room got his hands on one. Here is his article.

    Pushing gas up at 60 degrees on the sides and straight down, the Bird of Prey virtually eliminates muzzle rise. Gas hitting the front of the compensator  greatly reduces recoil. The surprising thing is the lack of muzzle blast and concussion. The numerous small ports on the three sides divert the gases and disrupts the blast wave.

    The bird of prey comp retails for $124.99 can can be purchased here.

    I would like to try this and see how it does on full auto.

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