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Vickers Guide: AR-15 (Volume 2) Second Edition Now Available TFB Podcast Roundup 7: History, Gun Laws and The Sturmgewehr TangoDown Adds New Vickers Tactical Floor Plates for SIG and HK Pistols Vickers Tactical has announced Hendrick Porsche as their YouTube channel's newest sponsor. Aimpoint Releases Vickers Tactical Limited-Edition T-2 Red Dot K-pist model 45 carl gustaf Kurbits Sthlm LVF

Interview with Larry Vickers: is AK obsolete? 5.45 or 7.62? What are the essential AK upgrades?

If you’re having any problems with the embed video, you can use this link: https://kalashnikov.media/en/media/videolibrary/4522502 Recently, Larry Vickers visited Russia to take some high-quality pictures for his new book – VICKERS GUIDE: KALASHNIKOV (Volume [Read More…]

Larry Vickers Shoots Integrally Suppressed AMB-17 and Some History Behind Russian 9×39 weapons

A few weeks ago, I had a pleasure of working with Larry Vickers on his trip to Russia. He had a unique chance to check out some of the newer Russian weapons, we visited some amazing museums and saw some incredible weapon collections. I wanted to highlight some weapons [Read More…]

Vickers-Elite-Glock-19-Gen5_Main-Left Larry Vickers Shows a Prototype BCM Upper Receiver (3) Vicker's Glock 17

Vickers Guide 1911

This new book by Larry Vickers and James Rupley is a coffee table book that’s a testament to one of the most popular handguns in the United States for the past 100 years. Larry describes the influence the 1911 has had on him throughout his adult life as well as [Read More…]