People news from SHOT

    This being my first time at SHOT, I’m sure there were all sorts of shenanigans going on that might not make the light of day in the public sphere. However there were a number of pieces that did make the industry news. Thankfully James Yeager and Instructor Zero never had a show down.

    Larry Vickers at the Ruger Booth

    Apparently there was a gaffe between Larry Vickers at the Ruger booth. Larry wanted to film the new Ruger pistol for a segment of Tac-TV, and according to the story he was taking up too much space or time. At which point a Ruger representative told him that his crew had to either leave or take up less space. Larry was extremely frustrated and spread it all over social media.

    Guardian Reporters kicked out of SHOT

    According to this story, two Guardian reporters came in, registered, and bee lined it to the Smith & Wesson booth, asking questions about whether or not the rifle was the same one used in the San Bernardino Shootings. Political agendas aside, there appears to be a rule within NSSF, stating that mainstream news reporters need to be escorted everywhere they go within the Sands Expo Center. The Guardian reporters weren’t escorted to begin with, and thus were escorted out of the show.

    Summer the Chinese Spy

    SOFREP published this, talking about a possible encounter with a Chinese industrial spy. They didn’t come up with anything to absolutely prove it, but it was kind of odd that this woman just so happened to be in Vegas for the times of SHOT, and a major electronics convention as well. Regardless, it is known that China does much of its spying like this, trying to cozy up to industry people, and steal industry secrets from them.


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