Lipsey's & Vickers Gray RTF2 Glock exclusive

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Larry Vickers and Lipsey’s are at it again. They are making a limited run of RTF2 framed Glock 17 and Glock 19 this time in gray polymer.

Lipsey’s announced it on their Facebook page. As you can see in the post, these exclusive Vicker’s Glocks will have Vickers Tactical upgrades such as slide catch, mag release, base plates and a new grip plug with integral disassembly tool. They will also have upgraded sights. MSRP is $729 on Lipsey’s

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Fred Fred on Dec 25, 2015

    Would prefer Glock to offer a G19/23 Gen3 style lower with a G26/27 size stainless slide.

  • CommonCents CommonCents on Dec 26, 2015

    he should throw in a gallon of fireclean for frying up fish and french fries!