Vickers Guide WWII: Germany (Vol.1)

    The latest edition of Larry Vickers’ series of coffee table reference books, the Vickers Guides, has been released. The fourth book in the series which has already featured editions looking at the AR-15 and 1911 – while the new book will focus on Germany’s small arms of World War Two.

    The new 360 page book, Vickers Guide: WWII Germany,  features a wide range of rare and interesting German firearms dating from the interwar period through to World War Two. The book includes high resolution photographs of 60 firearms “in never before seen detail on larger than life, wide format, full color prints.” Many of the weapons featured are held in public and seldom seen private collections.

    Double page spread from the book looking at the FB Wz.35 VIS (Vickers Guide)

    Larry and James have collected a team of experts to help him complete the new series:

    In this book, special operations combat veteran Larry Vickers has teamed up with a number of subject matter experts, including Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons and Tom Whiteman of Legacy Collectibles, to provide additional insight into the wide variety of firearms being showcased.

    The first volume of Vickers Guide: WWII Germany focuses on “Machine Pistols, Submachine Guns, Bolt Action Service Rifles, Bolt Action Sniper Rifles, Primary Service Handguns, Foreign Service and Occupation Handguns, and a wide selection of the other pistols used by Germany throughout the war.”  This means the new book will feature everything from Polish FB Wz.35 VIS, FN GP35 High Powers and Luger P08s to ERMA EMPs, Bergmann MP18.Is and MP38s to K98ks.

    A disassembled K98k sniper rifle (Vickers Guide)

    I spoke to James Rupley, the project’s co-author and photographer, about the new book. “It presented the greatest challenges we have faced to date,” Rupley said. He explains that “the huge variety of firearms that were utilized by the German armed forces during the war, the relative scarcity of many of them, the prevalence of forgeries, and the sensitivities presented by the subject matter all seemed to come together in ways that created roadblocks for us at each step of production.”

    Norwegian Kongsberg Colt (Vickers Guide)

    Despite the challenges faced in putting together a book this ambitious Rupley was determined to capture the firearms in a way that would bring them to life. “My ultimate aspiration for each image has always been for a reader to know exactly how it would feel to pick up each firearm presented in the book – just by looking at the image.” He explains that “when you can see actual detail in wooden pistol grip grooves, machining marks on the trigger, and imperfections on screw heads, then you will know what I am talking about.”

    MP38 (Vickers Guide)

    Vickers Guide: WWII Germany (Vol.1) seems a must have for collectors of historic small arms and World War Two history buffs, it’s available now at $95 + shipping.

    James also kindly provided some preview pages from the book, check them out below:

    Mosin-Nagant with PU Scope (Vickers Guide)

    Walther P38 (Vickers Guide)

    FN High Power (Vickers Guide)

    Steyr MP34 (Vickers Guide)

    MP40 (Vickers Guide)

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