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Slo-Mo WWII Machine Guns On The 4th Of July lend-lease S&W Victory revolver G.I.s Fighting Corruption: Breaking Down the Battle of Athens Tennessee Royal Tiger Imports has brought in a WWII surplus M1 Carbine cache from Ethiopia to sell in the US. Thompson Auto-Ordnance released a commemorative Iwo Jima set of three signature firearms. AK-12 Rifles Shown at 2019 Moscow Victory Day Parade (1) Hot Gat or Fudd Crap Vengeance WWII Victory Series

KALASHNIKOV MONUMENT BLUNDER: Nazi Sturmgewehr Included in Memorial to Russia’s Top Gun Designer

It’s a blunder so bad it makes you look twice: On the new sculpture dedicated to Russia’s most famous small arms designer, there is an unintentional homage to a weapon of Russia’s hated adversaries during the Great Patriotic War. Behind the tasteful [Read More…]

Secret Guns: Fully Automatic .22, Hip Mounted Pistol, Suppressed M1 Carbine

Recently we’ve been looking at a number of high-profile developments that came out of Special Operations Executive. Namely the infamous Welrod and Welwyn suppressed devices, and the Norm and Welgun experimental submachine guns. In this video, we take a look at some of the much lesser-known [Read More…]