Vickers Guide Announce Latest Book – SIG Sauer Vol.1

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    Vickers Guide have announced the pre-sale of the first of two volumes looking at SIG and SIG Sauer firearms. The first volume will look at pistols, submachine guns and pistol calibre carbines, while the second, due for release next year, will look at the company’s rifles, machine guns and other special weapons.

    SIG MKMS Submachine Gun (Vickers Guide)

    The 380-page book has been written by Larry Vickers, Ian McCollum and James Rupley who has provided the hundreds of excellent photos that illustrate the book. Here’s what Vickers Guide have to say about the book:

    We’re pleased to announce SIG SAUER Vol. 1, the latest edition in the Vickers Guide Series of premium coffee table books. After the Vickers Guide team was kindly invited to photograph the SIG Museum in Switzerland, we knew that we needed to make not only one but two volumes focusing on SIG SAUER’s rich history. SIG SAUER Vol. 1 focuses on Handguns and Submachine Guns and features the unbelievable photography and content you’ve come to expect from the Vickers Guide Book Series.

    Vickers Guide: SIG Sauer (Volume 1) presents this highly curated collection of firearms in never before seen detail on larger than life, wide format, full color prints in a premium hardback form. Vickers Guide: SIG Sauer (Volume 1) is the next best thing to having these exceptional collector’s grade rifles in your own personal collection.

    Danish M/49 (P210) (Vickers Guide)

    SIG MP41 (Vickers Guide)

    Vickers Guide – SIG Sauer covers some of SIG Sauer’s most iconic firearms including the P210, the P220, the P226 and the latest P320 and P365. It also looks at some of SIG’s early, rare and exquisitely made submachine guns through to their latest offering – the MPX. All told the book covers 95 pistols and 15 submachine guns including prototypes and production models.

    SIG Sauer P226 X Short Match & SP2020 (Vickers Guide)

    Check out Larry’s video giving an overview of the new book below:

    Like earlier Vickers Guides the latest book will be available in various grades with the standard edition at $94.99 and the signature edition at $126. The book is available for pre-order now either via the Vickers Guide website or via SIG Sauer. Books will start shipping in November.

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