Cue the Fanboys: Lipsey’s New Vickers Tactical Glock 17 and 19 Pistols

    Vicker's Glock 17

    Lipsey’s is now selling another set of Vickers Tactical Glock pistols. Presumably demand is high enough for pistols associated with Larry Vickers that the company is able to keep going back to that money well.

    The latest Lipsey’s/Vickers venture covers two pistols: a Glock 17 (the G17RTF2 Vickers Tactical) and a Glock 19 (the G19RTF2 Vickers Tactical). Other than the one being larger than the other, the guns are outfitted the same. Here’s what you get:

    • special LAV serial number
    • RTF2 frame
    • black finish
    • Wilson Combat sights (gold bead front sight)
    • Tango Down extended magazine release
    • Tango Down slide stop
    • Tango Down base plates for the magazines
    • Tango Down grip plug with an integral disassembly tool and sight adjustment tool

    The prior Vickers Tactical models offered by Lipsey’s had flat dark earth and grey frames. According to Lipsey’s this Vickers model “…bolsters the tactical color triangle…” Tactical color triangle? Hmmm.

    Both the G17 and G19 have a suggested retail price of $729. Lipsey’s product pages for these guns indicated that the “Vicker Parts NOT Installed” (emphasis theirs.) I’m not sure, but does that mean that you get a stock RTF2 Glock pistol and a bag of parts?

    For me, this is not a compelling pistol. On the other hand, I do look forward to reading Vicker’s book on the AR-15. For reference, you can go here and check out the prior article from Patrick about leaked information on these guns earlier this month.

    Phil Note: I spoke to Lipseys the other day about the new 19 and they were sold out—quickly!

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