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LINK Tripod Adaptor AimShot M-LOK and KeyMod Quick Release Picatinny Rail Sections (1) grovtec Precision Rifle Anderson Manufacturing

KeyMod Sucks – Now With More Proof!

KeyMod sucks and now there is proof thanks to the folks over at NSWC-Crane. In this episode of TFBTV, Patrick breaks down the recently released data compiled during tests performed at Crane at the request of USSOCOM that proves that MLOK is superior to KeyMod in just about every measurable way once [Read More…]


POTD: Budget Keymod Handguard

Battle Gear posted this image on their Facebook page. I am guessing it is an April Fool’s joke. The holes in the angled iron looks a lot like Keymod slots. I am curious if the handguard is actually functional and if it would survive firing the AR.