New Hogue Rail Covers for ARs

    ARs are not just popular, they’ve become the basis for an entire culture within the firearms world. Because of that there are also quite a few aftermarket products available which makes it possible for gun owners to customize their basic black rifles to impressive levels. When it comes to a certain type of aftermarket product, Hogue is a definite leader and now they’re expanding their AR rail covers.

    As noted by Neil Hogue, the company’s managing partner, Hogue has offered various rubber forends for some time. However, he noted, “there is a segment of the population that utilize KeyMod handguards that has been asking for a Hogue product to complement their build.” With those customers in mind they’ve added the Hogue G10 KeyMod Rail Cover to their lineup of AR options.

    The KeyMod system has been around for a few years now and was originally designed as a means of standardizing the attachment systems used by the industry at large this would be achieved by its replacing MIL-STD-1913 accessory rails, of course). It’s meant to allow direct attachment of any number of accessories from vertical grips to light mounts and then some. Designer Eric Kincel came up with the system’s name: “Mod” in reference to its being modular and “Key” for the key-shaped appearance of its slots.

    Rail covers serve multiple uses including protecting the rail itself from damage. They can also improve the shooter’s grip and protect those handling the gun from potentially sharp edges. Covers such as these being manufactured by Hogue also protect against rapid-fire heat. And if you’re concerned with appearances, the G10 material used for these particular rail covers is made using Hogue’s patented process. The finished product is called G-Mascus and offers greater color variations than standard G10, among other things.


    From Hogue:

    Hogue’s rail covers are precision machined from the highest quality G10 laminate material available, including their own patented G-Mascus® design. All covers are finished with a mini-piranha texture for an aggressive non-slip grip. Each cover has rounded edges to eliminate snags and pinch points. “Our rails serve as an insulator from the heat generated from AR rapid fire providing a longer shooting experience,” [according to] Hogue.

    Hogue KeyMod Rail Covers are designed to utilize the system’s slots by mounting directly onto AR handguards with 2-part hex screws. They measure 4.3″ x .625″ and weigh in at .8 ounces. They’re sold individually for the purposes of customization: single-sided, double-sided, two per side, or bottom placement. A variety of colors are available including Hogue’s G-Mascus black/grey, green, pink lava, red lava, blue lava, dark earth, and black.

    MSRP $24.95. Visit Hogue’s site for further details:

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