Grovtec Release NEW Firearm Accessories for 2019


    Grovtec, the American manufacturer of firearm accessories, is stepping into 2019 with a host of new products! There is often beauty in simplicity and they have a lot of small accessories that will hopefully make your hunt or day at the range a lot easier. They have 3 headlining products to keep you covered from your traditional rifle to your modern sporting rifle. Let’s take a look!

    grovtec push button base-to-stud adapter

    Many of us own bolt-action rifles or firearms that are simply not hip to push-button accessories. So what is a guy or gal to do if you want to meld some new school accessories with your ol’ reliable rifle? Well, Grovtec may have answered that question pretty well. They have introduced a Push Button Base-to-Stud Adapter. This adapter is aluminum and boasts a Type III anodized black finish. With this lone piece, you will be able to add any QD (quick-detach) slings or accessories that trip your triggerThis piece has an MSRP of $18.99.

    grovtec bipod stud mount keymod

    Another accessory item to make adding other accessories to your modern sporting rifle easier is the Bi-Pod Stud Mount (Keymod). A simple mount that bridges the gap from your Keymod rail or forearm to allow you to add a bi-pod or other stud-requiring accessory. This piece is constructed of 6060 T-6 Aluminum, has a Black Type III Hard Anodizing finish, and fits Harris Style bi-pods. All of the necessary hardware is included. This piece retails for $26.99.

    grovtec 1 1/2″ sling loop heavy duty push-button swivel

    Keeping along the lines of simplicity, this 1 1/2″ Sling Loop Heavy Duty Push-Button Swivel is not a new idea, but it is a much needed one (when done correctly). This one maintains a steel construction with a Manganese Phosphate Finish. The loops are a wide 1 1/2″ to ensure your preferred sling will fit and the robust design should hold up over extensive range use. This product currently has an MSRP of $10.99.

    Like we stated a couple times, these are all simple products coming out from Grovtec, but they could all be small pieces to the puzzle of someone’s rifle build. So they definitely have value. What do you think of these few products? Something that you would potentially purchase? Or are they nothing you are personally in need of? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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