AimSportsInc Dishes Out HK Handguards in M-LOK & KEYMOD


    You can now get more modern with your HK91, HK33, and clones of those rifles with M-LOK and KEYMOD handguards. Whether you have GI variants, carbine length, or rifle length, there are now handguards out there that open up a Pandora’s box of accessories to you.

    The M-LOK handugards are compatible with all Magpul M-LOK accessories. They are made from black anodized 6061 T6 aluminum to be lightweight. The handguards use US-made steel mounting hardware for strength and rigidity. The design is also a one-piece drop-in to make installation easy.

    The same materials, design, construction, and installation goes for the KEYMOD compatible handguards as well.

    These handguards can be found on in their 4 different sizes. AimSportsInc had this to say about their new HK handguards:

    The most innovative and modular HK variant handguard on the market, our M-LOK HK forendcan be used with all modern and traditional shooting techniques. CNC machined aluminum construction makes for a solid, sturdy component, with U.S. made mounting hardware. Still sleek and lightweight, the original lines of the rifle are retained while still offering all the benefits of modern accessories.

    You can find all four of these handguards on the AimSportsInc website at relatively affordable pricing. Listed below is links and further specifications for the four new handguards for HK rifles.

    HK 91 Rifle Length M-LOK Handguard – $90.85

    HK 91 Rifle Length KEYMOD Handguard – $90.85

    HK 91 Carbine Length M-LOK Handguard – $90.85

    HK 91 carbine Length KEYMOD Handguard – $90.85


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