POTD: Scaarat’s MP5 Accessories

    Gregor, aka @Scaarat on Instagram shot this awesome photo of his MP5 and collection of MP5 accessories. His photo reminds me of that iconic M4 Carbine Accessories photo.

    Gregor’s photo has some interesting accessories. The one that stands out the most for me are his custom wood furniture set. The handguard and stock are modified from a wooden G3 furniture set.


    Just among his handguard collection he has the tan keymod HK handguard and a Spuhr handguard. Surpringly he only has one 15 rd magazine and a 40 rd magazine. But he has a number of RAL8000 German magazines and two LE marked 30 rd magazines.

    In terms of trigger housings he has one of everything. Other than full auto. He has a metal lower, the SEF lower, Navy SEF lower and the pictogram ambi lower. Just to the right of the lowers are two fixed stocks. And at first glance I wondered why he put two of the same thing in the photo. But if you look closer, the buttpads are difference. One is curved while the other is flat.

    This photo is certainly some nice eye candy if you are a fan of the MP5. While the MP5 is an old design, it has a wide variety of accessories for you to dress it up how you want.