AAC SquareDrop Freefloat Handguard

    “Needs” and “wants” are frequently interchanged by consumers in the firearms industry. As in “do I really need another pistol?” For the majority of us, I am going to postulate that the ‘wants’ outweigh the ‘needs’ nine times out of ten. In similar fashion, I could pose the same question to manufacturers. Such as, “do we really need another type of attachment system for AR handguards?” Probably not, but AAC is banking on the fact that you might want their new SquareDrop freefloat system available in three different lengths.

    I for one am not of the fan of the Keymod attachment system, so I am happy to see an alternative that is also backwards compatible with previous accessory rail sections and attachments. Being a fan of Magpul’s MLOK system, I can’t help but wonder if AAC Has made the SquareDrop silently compatible with that system as well.

    Either way, the system looks like a complete package that is both attractive and well made. Will it be the next must-have accessory for the AR platform? Only time will tell.



    AAC Freefloat Handguard

    Square Drop

    AAC Freefloat Handguard

    Square Drop

    AAC Freefloat Handguard


    The AAC SquareDrop Handguard is a proprietary 100% free-float attachment system that allows infinitely adjustable mounting positions for any Keymod or SquareDrop accessory, enabling you to create your own mission specific configuration. Offered in 8″, 11.2″ and 13.5″ lengths, the unique SquareDrop Handguard features extended alignment flanges to ensure a repeatable fit eliminating torque or rotational force movement. Innovative turnbuckle mounting design allows users to quickly and easily install and remove rail system. Full length internal ribs offer superior strength and durability. Smooth snag free design eliminates “cheese grater” effect. Assemblies include handguard, barrel nut, turnbuckle and install wrench.

    AAC SquareDrop Handguard Specifications:

    • Length: 8″, 11.2″ (11.15″) or 13.5″ (13.51″)
    • Outer Diameter: 1.75″
    • Inner Diameter: 1.30″
    • Weight: 6.35 oz, 9.0 oz, 10.45 oz
    • Free Float: Yes
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Finish: Black Anodizing
    • Special AAC engraving


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