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The Patent-Dodging Dreyse

Browning’s FN-licensed Model 1900 pocket .32ACP was a world first and defined the general shape and layout of a slide operated handgun.  It’s popularity led to “Browning” serving as the word for a semi-automatic pistol in many regions, like we [Read More…]

Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Banner MG3I

TFB Announcement

Earlier this year TFB writer Nathan S., who worked in the defense industry, told me he wanted to pursue his dream of working in the gun industry. Even though I knew this might mean I would lose one of my team members, I supported him, as I would any one else on my team. [Read More…]

The Holland & Holland Flagship Store

Walking along the streets of south west London, just north of Buckingham Palace, a person will take a step into glamour and glance at the official store fronts of such luxury brands as “Louis Vuitton”, “Gucci”, and “Rolex” to name a few. It is among these [Read More…]

More Crazy Quail Fun

There are few gun-related toys I want more than The Crazy Quail … It is funny to see one guy with a double barrel shotgun, next to a bunch of guys with Nordic +9 magazine extensions attached to their semi-automatics.

Big 3 East 2013

The Big 3 East in Florida is an expansion of the original Big 3 event held at Kansas every Fall.  Both events were started by writers for writers. The Big 3 stands for Tactical gun, Tactical gear and Tactical training. All the companies and writers were handpicked and [Read More…]