TFB Exclusive: Details of the Pump-action Kalashnikov rifle KSZ-223 + Video

    The first ever IPSC Rifle World Shoot in Russia is less than two months away.

    This is a prestigious event for Russia, and the shooting range looks absolutely fabulous.

    As long as all competitors can get themselves and their firearms into Russia (and out!), I am sure the World Shoot will be an amazing event.

    TFB have already in February reported about the news that Kalashnikov are making a pump-action rifle, to fit the IPSC Rifle Open Manual or Manual divisions.

    Alena Karelina, a top IPSC shooter posted some pictures and videos of the new rifle.

    Below she is seen holding the new manual AK.

    By the looks of it, they are at a gun dealer (or similar) and just got delivery of a batch of manual AKs.

    At the time of the previous TFB article there were a few open questions:

    The mechanism of the rifle will probably share many parts with the traditional Kalashnikov rifles. It would be interesting to know if the recoil spring will remain to assist the closing cycle of the action or if it will be removed to make it a more traditional pump-action. Judging from the model name (KSZ-223), I think the rifle will be chambered in .223 Remington.

    Yes, the name is KSZ-223 and it shares a lot of parts with traditional rifles.

    The rifle is spring assisted and it is chambered in .223 Remington.

    Upon pumping the rifle, this spring is compressed. If you let go the action is closed.

    KSZ-223 and .223 Rem. clearly visible.

    Left hand and right hand charging handles. A clear winner for condition 2 starts (magazine inserted, unloaded).

    Picatinny on the top.

    Like Magpul, the pistol grip holds spares and tools.

    Manipulating the manual AK. The white part is a delivery protection for the right hand charge and not part of the setup.

    Note the Picatinny rail at the front, most likely to accommodate a bipod. Questions is if it’s free floating or not? If not, that is a major disadvantage for the long range shooting.

    The muzzle brake looks pretty serious.

    Alena Karelina looks very happy. Question is, which division will she shoot? Manual or Semi-Auto? Open or Standard? She is the current IPSC Shotgun World Champion since Italy 2015.

    Pumping the AK.

    Depending on the success at World Shoot and interest from customers this manual AK might come into civilian production.


    Below: Holding the Kalashnikov pump in this picture (only) is no other than Mr. Vitaly Kryuchin.

    Every angle covered?

    Left hand charge larger, which makes sense for most of the population.

    Manual Open Lady Category

    Leica scope 1-6,3x

    Tatyana Korobeinik shooting.


    At last, a video of the new Kalashnikov pump rifle


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