HOLLYWOOD AUCTION: John McClane’s Beretta 92F And More On eBay

    It is the summer of 1989 and I’m a kid on a family vacation traveling through Silverthorne, Colorado. Being huge Indiana Jones fans, we decide to beat the heat and and catch a matinee showing of ‘The Last Crusade’ for a second time. It was that afternoon that I decided I wanted a leather whip, a satchel and a Webley WG Army revolver. Now fast forward to “adulthood” – if you are like me and have made gun purchases based on some of your favorite movies, you have the chance to buy some actual firearm props at the most recent installment of eBay’s Hollywood auction series.

    Credit: IMFDB.com

    Sure, some of the prices are in the ‘transferable machine gun’ range, but these are real collectible pieces (arguably historic) that we have all lusted after as both kids and adults.

    By the way, I got the the whip and satchel that summer, but I settled for a Ruger Blackhawk revolver in .45LC instead of the classic Indy wheelgun. Unfortunately, I don’t see the Webley Army in the current eBay live auction.

    Check out some of the Hollywood auction examples below.

    Hollywood Auction on EBay 

    Hollywood auction

    1437. Bruce Willis “John McClane” hero Beretta M92F from Die Hard with a copy of Stembridge documentation to 20th Century Fox.(TCF, 1988)Vintage original screen used Beretta 92F (9 x 19mm) signature hero prop handgun used by Bruce Willis as “John McClane” in the blockbuster action film. The semi-automatic pistol features ejecting ammo magazine and a notably extended mag release and slide release, which were modifications made specifically for Bruce Willis. The Beretta 92F features prominently in the film as the go-to sidearm of “McClane” including the unforgettable scene when our hero conceals his Beretta by strapping it to his back with Christmas wrapping tape for the climactic showdown. The gun was modified to fire blank rounds in the film, and the firing pin has since been removed. Buyer should never attempt to place any rounds in the gun (blank or otherwise). The iconic weapon is accompanied by a copy of the original Stembridge Gun Rentals, INC. paperwork denoting the production, serial numbers and other rental specs. The gun exhibits production wear and distress. In production used fine condition. If shipped to the U.S., shipping must be arranged through a federal firearms licensed dealer. $20,000 – $30,000



    1339. Aliens original hero Colonial Marine M41-A Pulse Rifle.(TCF, 1986) One of the most famous sci-fi firearms, the M41-A Pulse Rifle was featured heavily in James Cameron’s 1986 action sequel Aliens. Designed by Cameron himself and constructed under the supervision of renowned armorer Simon Atherton at Bapty Armory, the Pulse Rifle is viewed by many as the pinnacle of Sci-Fi prop weaponry. This is an original prop Pulse Rifle that was originally constructed for and used in Aliens, and later re-built and re-used in Alien 3. The prop is constructed around a WWII era M1A1 Thompson submachine gun, which was originally modified to fire blanks for the production and has since been fully decommissioned. The Thompson is fitted with a custom-made pistol grip, and a custom-made extended barrel. A SPAS-12 shotgun cage mounts below the Thompson barrel via a custom-stamped barrel shroud, simulating the grenade launcher. The grenade launcher features the original SPAS-12 pump handle, which was cut down for a different look in the film. It slides freely back and forth, allowing the pump-action loading of the launcher to be simulated. As only one version of the Pulse Rifle had a practical grenade launcher (actually a Remington 870 shotgun) fitted, this piece has a dummy grenade launcher filling the SPAS cage. The ends of the piece are capped with a custom-made steel shoulder stock, and a custom-made aluminum barrel cap at the front of the grenade launcher. The entire assembly is housed in a vacuum-formed ABS outer casing, which completes the unique profile of the prop. While all other components on the piece were used in Aliens, the casing was installed specifically for the production of Alien 3. After Aliens, all of the Pulse Rifle props were struck back to their original firearm components, and most of the casings used were discarded as they were no longer deemed necessary. When the decision was made for Weyland scientists to carry Pulse Rifles during the climax of Alien 3, Bapty had to re-assemble the Pulse Rifles and were now lacking the outer casings. New outer casings were therefore manufactured by vacuum-forming over one of the original casings from Aliens, and the new ABS casing was fitted to the prop with bolts, brackets and custom-riveted plates. The outer casing was originally painted black for use in Alien 3, as are all Pulse Rifle props in the film, but was later re-sprayed green by Bapty to return the piece to its classic Aliens form. The clip base is made from wood and is installed with a screw at the front of the casing. The Pulse Rifle is complete and in good film-used and weathered condition. All of the moveable components-the shoulder stock, grenade launcher pump handle, and original Thompson selector switches and trigger-can be moved and positioned. This is a rare opportunity to own a masterpiece of film prop weaponry. Special shipping must be arranged through a federal firearms licensed dealer.$12,000 – $15,000


    1477. Terminator Salvation “T-600” prop mini-gun.(Warner Bros., 2009) Original hand held M134 Minigun prop constructed of cast hard rubber, metal and cast resin components expertly assembled and finished in dark steel metallic tones. Consisting of 33 in. long cast hard rubber multi-barrels and drive assembly over an internal metal supporting armature. With a 5.5 in. round metal arm hoop in the back with interior gasket padding for supporting the stockless gun and a cast resin joystick trigger mounted to the top of the carriage. Used by the early model T-600 Terminators in this popular sequel. In production used fine condition. $1,000 – $1,500


    1474. Arnold Schwarzenegger “Terminator” Franchi SPAS-12 Shotgun Serial Number AA5876 from The Terminator.(Orion, 1984) Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun prop with serial number AB3482 with folding stock and modified to shoot blank rounds. Highly visible when the “Terminator” (Schwarzenegger) uses the shotgun to steal weapons from a gun store clerk. The folding stock was removed for use in the unforgettable chaotic and deadly, “I’ll be back” scene at the police station. The property master rigged the rear sling mount with a black cord that attached to the wrist, allowing Schwarzenegger to bear the weight of the gun with one hand. The sling mount was broken off and the bolt charging handle was removed by the armorer division of the prop house after production for use in a subsequent production. In very good condition. Comes with an LOA from the Property Master and prop house.If shipped to the U.S., shipping must be arranged through a federal firearms licensed dealer. $20,000 – $30,000


    1778. Angelina Jolie “Salt” prop Sig 55X machine gun from Salt. (Columbia, 2010) Original hard rubber 29.75 in. long prop Sig 55X machine gun with extended stock. Cast from the hero live firing weapon, Serial #TP004540. Used by “Salt” (Jolie) in the final battle sequence with “Ted Winter” (Liev Schreiber) when she takes this gun from a security guard outside the PEOC and in pickup shots when Salt talks to Winter through a bulletproof window of the PEOC inner chamber. In production used fine condition. Includes production call sheets and ephemera related to the weapon. Comes with a COA and a copy of rental records from the weapons supplier and on set armorer. $600 – $800


    1737. Hugo Weaving “Agent Smith” prop .50 cal Desert Eagle from The Matrix Reloaded. (Warner Bros., 2003) Precise prop replica of a .50 caliber Desert Eagle constructed of cast hard black rubber. The 8 x 5 in. prop is used by “Agent Smith” (Weaving) in multiple stunt sequences and notably when multiple Agent Smiths attempt to stop “Neo” (Reeves) and company from escaping through a hallway of “back doors” inside the Matrix. Marked on the butt, “R62”. The prop remains in production used fine condition and is accompanied by an LOA from the weapons coordinator for both The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, which were shot simultaneously. $1,000 – $1,500



    1322. Star Wars – Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (10) production used weapon reference photographs from set decorator Mike Ford. (TCF, 1983) Vintage original (10) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. semi gloss photos of weapons from the Star Wars universe. Including images captioned, “MIG Rifle Rebel”, “MIG Rifle Imperial”, “Finned AR7 (Scrap”, “Sterling SMG Silver Rebel” and more. Includes 2- typed correspondence 1-from Set Decorator Mike Ford dated 2nd September 1981 and regarding the weapons and photographs, both on Revenge of the Jedi stationery. From the collection of Academy Award winning set decorator and designer Mike Ford. $500 – $700


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