Russian Gun laws: Firearms for civilians

    It’s hard enough to learn and understand national or sometimes local gun laws. An international or Global perspective on the subject makes it virtually impossible to comprehend for an individual.

    Below you can see Kalashnikov Concern’s explanation on who – in Russia – can own smooth bore (shotguns) or rifled firearms and how many.

    As you can see it takes quite a while (5 years)  before you can own rifled firearms. It would be interesting to know the number of people who qualify and own rifles in Russia, there are some figures below.

    Who has the right to purchase rifled weapons in Russia?

    According to Article 13 of the RF Arms Act, “Hunting firearms with a rifled barrel are eligible to be acquired by citizens of the Russian Federation who have been granted hunting rights in accordance with the established procedure, provided that they engage in professional activities related to hunting or own hunting firearms Smooth bore long arms for at least five years.

    Sporting long-barreled firearms with a rifled barrel and cartridges to it, as well as hunting long-barreled guns with a rifled barrel and cartridges to it are entitled to purchase for sports by citizens of the Russian Federation, who are issued with a certificate confirming the sporting title for the kind of sport associated with the use of sports Firearms, provided that they are high-class athletes in the specified sport or own a sport firearm smooth Free long arms for at least five years. ”

    How many weapons can one person register?

    If we are talking about the types of firearms that are available to all adult law-abiding citizens of the Russian Federation, then three of them are firearms of limited defeats (limited liability company, or, in common parlance, “traumatics”), hunting long-barreled guns with a smooth barrel and hunting long-barreled guns with a rifled barrel . According to the “usual” licenses, they can have up to 2, 5 and 5 units respectively, that is, up to 12 units. In addition, citizens can obtain a license to collect weapons, and then the amount of relevant weapons (so far only long-barreled) is in principle limited by the collector’s financial capabilities and the size of his safe.

    On the basis of what documents can I buy rifled weapons?

    Based on the acquisition license received in the relevant OHRR on the basis of the submitted application and payment of the fee. Of course, that for filing such an application, the applicant must have not less than 5 years of “faultless” experience of possession of smooth-bore hunting weapons, or be a master of sports in the corresponding shooting discipline. Again, after purchasing a weapon within 10 days, it must be registered with the local OHRR.

    If you want a deeper look into the subject, please check here:

    “According to a report by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (police), at the end of 2012 there were more than 6.3 million nonmilitary weapons registered in the Russian Federation, with a population of 142.5 million. This number includes 700,000 firearms with a rifled bore and 4.2 million firearms with a smooth bore.  According to the same report, approximately twelve million guns are held illegally and are not registered. In 2012, 7,500 crimes were committed with the use of firearms. This constituted less than .5% of all crimes registered in the country.  At the same time, police investigated 26,500 crimes related to the illegal circulation of weapons.”

    Below you can see the two-time WBA heavyweight champion Nikolay Valuev looking for Kalashnikovs in a  gun store in Moscow. He already owns a MP-155 semi-automatic shotgun and double-barrel gun MP-234, specially made for him.

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