Kalashnikov Officially Releases the Pump Action KSZ-223 Rifle

    Lately, they’ve been leaked images and videos of the Kalashnikov Concern’s new pump action rifle. We’ve covered all that information previously. Recently, the company has published an official news release and a video announcing the release of the KSZ-223 rifle. They’ve also uncovered more design details. So the information is now official, hence reliable. Without further ado, let’s watch the video first:

    The new pump-action KSZ-223 is based on the semi-auto Saiga Mk 223. It is confirmed that this rifle was developed for the needs of competition shooters (manual rifle division). The gun features an enlarged magazine release lever and a large flared magazine well. It also has a new safety lever which allows fast manipulations with the shooter’s trigger finger.

    Images by Kalashnikov Concern

    The gun also retains the recoil spring, which should feel weird for those who shoot pump action shotguns. However, that feature will possibly allow faster and more reliable cycling of the action because the forward movement of the BCG is supported by the recoil spring. The gun also has a left side charging handle along with the traditional AK charging handle. You may think why does a pump action gun need a charging handle? But as you can see in the video, that feature comes in handy when shooting from a prone position, when the access and manipulations of the forearm/slide are not that convenient.

    The dust cover is not removable but hinged at the rear sight block much like that of AKS-74U (a.k.a Krinkov) rifles. According to Kalashnikov, the dust cover has some sort of special fixation method, which makes it rigid and allows to mount optics on it and ensure the consistency of the zero. The rifle weighs 9 lbs 4 oz (4.2 kilograms) and has a 16.3″ barrel (415 mm). The overall length of KSZ-223 varies from 36.2″ (920 mm) to 40.3″ (1025 mm) depending on the position of the collapsible stock.

    Right now it is a limited edition rifle available only for Russian IPSC team. However, after the 2017 Rifle World Shoot (June 1-11), they will make their final decision whether they will launch it for the civilian market or not. Let’s hope they will sell this gun. It will be a hot seller especially in some European countries where AK-pattern semi-auto rifles are restricted.

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