POTD: Canadian Norinco Type 97

    Last week I was in Vancouver, Canada due to a family emergency. I was only there for one day. While my wife was getting some special Chinese jerky, at my parents’ request, I saw this gun store next door.

    I was curious to see what a Canadian firearm store would look like. And sure enough I was not disappointed.

    At the back of the store they had the semi-automatic firearms. Most of it was your run of the mill ARs, a Sig MPX and then nestled among them were these two Norinco Type 97s.

    I have a Puma LAK12 shotgun and it is similar in design to the Type 97 rifle. I was curious to see if the controls were the same. Sure enough, that rotary switch near the butt pad is the safety. Just like the Puma shotgun. It is not ergonomic at all. You have to use your support hand, reach back and rotate the selector switch.

    See the serial number on the mag well? The magazine release is right above the numbers. Yes it is in an awkward position and not great for fast magazine changes.


    The black T97NSR is the newer version from EMEI with a keymod rail system. Sorry I did not realize the photo was blurry until after I had left the store.

    The rifles were selling for $1299.99 CAD. That is anout $1052 USD. Not terrible for a replica of the Chinese Liberation Army service rifle. Unfortunately we cannot have this in the US. So we will have to live vicariously through our neighbors in the north.