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[SHOT 2020] CMMG Releases 9mm AR Conversion Upper, 10mm Pistol AR

CMMG had a number of new entries at their booth this year in their 300 Banshee series of AR pistols with telescoping braces. Of note is their 9x19mm conversion upper receiver that when paired with a Magpul PMAG and conversion spring/follower allows shooters to use their existing PMAG magazines [Read More…]

[SHOT 2020] Bul Armory

[SHOT 2020] Inexpensive Vehicle Seatback Gear from 5.11: The Vehicle Ready Hexgrid System

Starting at just $15, the 5.11 Vehicle Ready Hexgrid system for your car or truck looks like a great way to carry guns and gear in your vehicle. James Reeves interviews the creator of this system and brings you the full scoop. Per 5.11: “Commuting, overlanding, or pulling security for an NGO [Read More…]

[SHOT 2020] Cadex Defence CDX Hunting Rifles, Tundra Strike Stock and Other New Products (1)

[SHOT 2020] Rise Armament’s Watchman AR, Rave 140 and Blitz Triggers

Rise Armament is coming out with a 14-inch AR pistol that comes with a telescoping brace along with a 16-inch rifle variant. These will be available in a month’s time from Rise Armament. The pistol and rifle come with Magpul components and a Rise Armament handguard that comes with 6 QD mounts [Read More…]

[SHOT 2020] Best Light Machine Gun in the Universe: ST Engineering Ultimax Mark 8

The Ultimax Mark VIII has been out for several years now but this is the first time that the light machine gun has been out on Range Day at SHOT Show, allowing the public to get some hands-on with the light machine gun. Developed in the 1980s by Jim Sullivan, the Ultimax is perhaps most […] [Read More…]

[SHOT 2020] KNS Precision Galil ACE Aluminum LowerGrip and Adjustable AK Aperture Sight (1)

The Lightest .308 AR Ever? The 5-6 lb POF Rogue Ultralight Rifle [SHOT Show 2020]

James Reeves checks out the POF booth at SHOT to see one of the lightest .308 ARs ever made. Per Hrachya H. of TFB, POF has made an “ingenious .308 receiver design that manages to fit a .308 magazine into AR-15 lower receiver dimensions. This year, they added another rifle and a pistol to the [Read More…]