[SHOT 2024] Precision Armament Introduce the AeroMod 22+

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[SHOT 2024] Precision Armament Introduce the AeroMod 22+

Precision Armament has announced at the SHOT 2024 the release of its newest product – the AeroMod 22+ modular suppressor. The innovative design, equipped with a novel TriCentric Interface for connecting baffle modules, has already sparked intrigue in the industry.

The AeroMod 22+ is a versatile tool that can be used with .22 and 5.7mm firearms. The TriCentric Interface, which is a key centerpiece of the product, is essentially a thread with a pair of triangle-shaped threads. This unique design creates a camming action when tightened, featuring a series of positive stops until the baffle is optimally tightened. The convenience of this system is further backed up by small markings that line up to confirm proper baffle tightening.

A default AeroMod 22+ model is equipped with seven baffles, crafted from robust 17-4 stainless steel used for durability. Its initial design is also beefed up with a blast baffle. The length of the suppressor can be modified as per the user’s preference by simply removing baffles.

The AeroMod 22+ showcases an impressive endurance capacity being full-auto rated for 5.7mm. Its compact design – with an overall length of 5.5in and weight of 5.1oz – equally commands attention.

As part of the product demonstration, Precision Armament presented an interactive test for visitors. Attendees were challenged to tighten the TriCentric Interface with a pelican case full of dirt and grit. Despite the added resistance caused by the grit in the threads, participants were able to successfully tighten the threads, thus attesting to the product’s practical durability.


Scheduled to hit the market in early to mid-spring, the AeroMod 22+ comes with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of around $500. The introduction of this modular suppressor augments Precision Armament’s lineup, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to innovation and functional design.

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  • Pweekles Pweekles on Jan 30, 2024

    I'm interested. I've got an Oculus22 that is awesome but man those baffles are a dick and a half to work with when assembling and disassembling (mostly the latter).

    The AeroMod 22+ seems like it would fix that given i can wrench the pieces apart.

    Get this suppressor to PewScience STAT.