[SHOT 2024] Panzer Arms Gets The Lead Out with All New Shotguns

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff
[SHOT 2024] Panzer Arms Gets The Lead Out with All New Shotguns

Panzer Arms has revealed an innovative range of shotgun models at this year’s SHOT Show. The company, acclaimed for its unique and economical firearm designs, is set to make headway into the market with these newly-featured offerings providing affordable choices for firearm enthusiasts.

One of the notable mentions in the new lineup is an all-aluminum drum magazine fitted to one of their tactical semi-automatic shotguns. What makes it distinctive is the ability of its tension to be adjusted for any given shell, thereby enhancing reliability.

Adding variety to their range, Panzer Arms introduces the EG-220, a new lever-action shotgun equipped with optic cuts or shallow rails for an optic. The M4 line also sees elegant modifications this year. A competition model accompanied by an extended tube and a version adorned with stylish wood furniture broadens the scope of choices for consumers. The spread of offerings showcases the brand’s flexibility in meeting an assortment of tastes and preferences.

“In terms of our product line, our focus this year is on new shotgun products,” a representative from Panzer Arms commented. “From a skeletonized drum for our SCRXII, a lever-action shotgun, a competition M4 shotgun, and even aesthetically pleasing wood options for our M4s – we have a wide range of options.”

Moreover, most of their pump and lever-action semi pistol grip stocked shotguns will now come with an interchangeable pistol grip. The added feature allows users to customize their firearm to better suit their grip style and shooting preference, adding another layer of personal choices for the discerning firearm owner.

With this line-up, Panzer Arms is set to make tangible changes in the shotgun market, with a focus on improving user experience, functionality and variety, staying true to their reputation for manufacturing firearms that are simultaneously affordable, unique, and enjoyable.

By manufacturing these notable innovations, Panzer Arms is ringing in the new era of the shotgun market. The emphasis is on expanding user experience, functionality, and diverse choices—ranging from drum tension adjustability to customizable pistol grips—keeping the brand aura of affordable, unique, and enjoyable firearms at the core of their offerings.

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  • Ozzallos . Ozzallos . on Jan 30, 2024

    Theres a lever action in there? Okay, I'm interested ...as long as theyre better than the black aces distro.

  • TDog TDog on Jan 30, 2024

    The art and science of making shotguns is so well established by now, I'd like to see someone make shotguns that just look weird for the sake of being novel. Aesthetics don't always have to take a backseat to function, after all.

    I see some of this philosophy in these guns. Not all of them, but certainly a few just look cool coolness's sake.

    • W B W B on Jan 30, 2024

      @TDog A top loading shotgun, like the Halo shotgun, always seemed like a cool idea to me (other than being a trough for dirt and debris). I know Forgotten Weapons had a home brewed one a few weeks ago and it looked cool. I wish more companies would go for goofy, fun guns.