[SHOT 2024] Simunition Shows New AR Uppers and 9mm Training Ammo

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff

At SHOT Show 2024, Simunition introduced updates to their AR upper receiver assembly, designed to accommodate modern accessories more effectively. The modified AR uppers are created to enable the firing of non-lethal Simunition training rounds.

It’s important to note that these AR uppers are not available for purchase by the general public, but Simunition operates a range program. This program permits non-law enforcement and military to use their products in a controlled environment.

One of the primary enhancements noted by the company focuses on simplifying the process of adding contemporary optics.

In addition to the advancements in their AR upper receivers, Simunition also showcased its latest 9mm training ammunition featuring a new type of projectile. The updated ammunition is characterized by marker projectiles that are designed to leave paint marks that are more enduring.

Similar to the AR uppers, this 9mm training ammo is not available for direct sale to the general public. You can only train with these products at a range that has them.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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  • Uncle Yar Uncle Yar on Jan 30, 2024

    Limiting simunitions to supervised use is kinda stupid considering how we can buy guns, tasers, bear mace, and airsoft and use it against each other without breaking any laws so long as it's consensual and doesn't lead to notable or life changing injuries.

    As for how you'd use guns to shoot each other without going to jail, it's called body armor and not getting convicted for reckless conduct. Do I recommend or endorse it? Hell no. But I'm just demonstrating the legal kosherness of it.

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    • Caffeinated Caffeinated on Jan 31, 2024

      @Uncle Yar It's not just the projectile that's the problem. UTM/Sims are rather complicated to manufacture from a home standpoint and nearly impossible to reload for the end user. They are pretty different design-wise, but function on the same principle of primer only and no powder.