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[IWA 2022] Umarex's Glock Paintball and Air Pistols TFB Podcast Roundup 43: Double Actions, Rangefinders, and AKs RG Muzzle Flash Simulator: In Search of a Shorter Reactionary Gap Lone Star Medics and Active Response Training recently held their first new joint medical/shotgun class, called "Operation: Alamo". Virtual Training: Elite You Launches Virtual Training Site TFB Podcast Roundup 26: Fresh Listening for the New Year Dan Brokos Gives TFB Some Quick Tips for Improving Your Pistol Game Rangetech's Instructor demonstrating a technique for supported standing shooting. The wind was pushing on us quite a bit when standing. Guns for Women Let’s Get to What Really Matters (3) At The Ready - A Behind the Scenes Look at the Firearms Industry The USCCA and SIG SAUER have announced a new partnership. Range Fixes Lead to Lower Blood Lead Levels for Army Troops Concealed Carry Corner: Most Common Issues With Concealed Carriers Longtime firearms industry professional Mike Pannone has been announced as B&T's new Director of Training. Marine Corps Prioritizes Synthetic Training Systems At our recent GunFest event, Blue Force Gear dropped knowledge bombs in a class on sling optimization, and it quickly helped improve the TFB staff's shooting. The Rimfire Report: The Value of 22LR During Ammo Shortages The USMC expects fewer Marines to qualify at the Expert level under their new, more difficult marksmanship program. SIG Sauer has released a six-part video series called "Empower the People". GUNSMARTS Campaign by Smith & Wesson Targets New Gun Owners

Hop’s Top 3 Tips for Training on a Budget

In this episode of TFBTV, Hop shares some tips for training on a budget and getting the most bang for your buck at the range. First, we go over some ways to make your rounds count when you have limited ammo. Then we cover some accessible, low round count pistol drills you can do with […] [Read More…]

Students in Lone Star Medics' "Medicine X" class learn lifesaving medical skills integrated with practical shooting competencies.

Concealed Carry Corner: Ways to Practice Shooting From Home

There is no denying, the last few weeks have been a little odd around the world. Normal daily practices like going out to dinner or hitting the range on a free day, have completely stopped. The number one complaint with shooters in my area is the lack of open ranges. [Read More…]

ARAVON's Blu 9x21mm.