USCCA Announces Partnership with SIG SAUER

    The USCCA and SIG SAUER have announced a new partnership.

    The USCCA and SIG SAUER have announced a new partnership.

    The United States Concealed Carry Association, or USCCA, is an organization focused on providing resources and benefits to responsibly armed Americans. They offer a variety of informational initiatives from training and education, legal guidance, digital tutorials and checklists, and more. They also offer self-defense liability insurance coverage for their members. Now the Association has announced a new partner, one of the firearms industry’s top gun manufacturers: SIG SAUER.

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    As part of the new partnership, SIG gave USCCA reps an inside look at their extensive manufacturing operations.

    As part of the new partnership, SIG gave USCCA reps an inside look at their extensive manufacturing operations.

    As record-breaking numbers of Americans have become new first-time gun owners over the last year and a half, many of those newcomers have chosen SIG firearms among their first purchases. In particular, the P365 series has exploded in popularity among the concealed carry market, taking a healthy chunk of market share from some older participants like the Glock 19, Smith & Wesson M&P series, and others. It makes sense, then, that SIG would seek to equip their fresh crop of customers with the information and education to utilize their firearms properly and responsibly – though that endeavor isn’t exclusive to neophytes, either. USCCA’s press release regarding this new affiliation with SIG reads as follows.

    A USCCA rep examines SIG parts in production during a factory tour.

    A USCCA rep examines SIG parts in production during a factory tour.

    JUNE 1, 2021

    USCCA Announces Strategic Partnership with Sig Sauer

    Partnership includes never-seen-before footage of SIG SAUER factory and manufacturing, expanded training opportunities and giveaways

    WEST BEND, Wis. (June 1, 2021) —
    As part of its ongoing mission to help responsibly-armed Americans avoid danger, save lives, and keep themselves and their families safe, the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) announces a strategic partnership with acclaimed firearm, ammunition and optic maker SIG SAUER.

    To kick off the partnership, USCCA is releasing a four-part video series featuring unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access to product development and manufacturing processes inside the SIG SAUER factory. Available only to USCCA members for the first week of each episode’s release, the series premiered on May 25th and will be available publicly on YouTube following the members-only time period.

    The violence and uncertainty of the past year, particularly around the nation’s major population centers, has compelled millions of Americans to purchase their first firearm. USCCA has prioritized sharing knowledge and providing training to these first-time firearm owners, empowering them to safely protect themselves and their families.

    “Five million Americans purchased a firearm to protect themselves and their families in 2020 and that trend has continued this year. SIG SAUER manufactures one of the country’s most popular carry guns, the P365, and their training and manufacturing are best in class,” said USCCA President and Founder, Tim Schmidt. “The USCCA team is very proud to partner with such an industry leader.”

    Through the partnership, SIG SAUER will join the USCCA’s official partner program, and become an official sponsor of the USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Expo, which includes an exclusive members-only lounge and ammunition sponsorship at the Live Fire Range. Additionally, USCCA and SIG SAUER will join forces to award a SIG SAUER Experience, complete with personal factory tours and access to the top-of-the-line SIG SAUER Academy in Epping, New Hampshire.

    “We are proud to partner with a growing organization that is focused on providing the support, training, and safety knowledge that our customers need and value,” said Tom Taylor, SIG SAUER Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Commercial Sales. “It is especially exciting to offer USCCA members a first-ever, behind-the-scenes look at our world-class facilities where we manufacture the products of choice not only for military and law enforcement but also for law-abiding citizens looking to protect themselves and their families.”

    The USCCA is the largest and fastest-growing association focused entirely on providing self-defense knowledge, training, and legal protection for responsibly armed Americans. Find out more about the USCCA at

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