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If you always wished you had more time to dedicate to dry firing for honing your trigger pulling skills and gaining trigger finger muscles, Strike Industries has got you covered! Meet the new Strike Clicker, a pocket training device for your index finger that imitates a trigger pull. The company also calls it the itchy finger fidget device.

Strike Industries @ TFB:

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The “trigger” pull weight of Strike Clicker is 2 lbs 2 oz. That may not seem much but Strike Industries note that you may be surprised how relatively weak your finger may be once you’ve tried clicking numerous times in a row. Alternatively, the Strike Clicker can be used as a rehabilitation tool for your fingers or a dog training clicker. The Strike Clicker has an ambidextrous design and can be used with right and left hands alike.

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As you can see, the Strike Clicker is indeed really compact, basically the size of a car key. It’s also pretty lightweight weighing just 1.4 oz.

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As seen in the picture above, the Strike Clicker comes like a scale model kit and you’ll need to cut the parts out and assemble the gadget. The assembly procedure is shown in the video below.

The Strike Industries Strike Clicker index finger trainer is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $8.95.

At that price, I think it’s worth giving a try. If you want your trigger finger really shredded with a six pack on each of the phalanges, you can go with the Prohands Tactical tool. Tell us in the comments section what you think about the Strike Clicker and the trigger finger workout concept in general.

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  • ItsMrC ItsMrC on Jul 26, 2022

    Y’all gotta chill. 😅 Even if it’s just a tAcTiCaL fidget spinner, it would make a great stocking stuffer.

    I’m not a SI fan btw.

  • Hammer Hammer on Jul 28, 2022

    I prefer to use all five fingers'training.'