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[SHOT 2022] LMT MARS-L9 Pistol Caliber Carbine (GLOCK Mags)

LMT unveiled the newest addition to its lineup with the MARS-L9.  The L9 incorporates features from the legendary MARS family of rifles and looks to make a big splash in the PCC market.  I had the chance to shoot the MARS-L9 and talk with LMT about it during Shot [Read More…]

[SHOT 2022] PSA Shows off their 5.7 Rock Pistol and Some PSAKs

Palmetto State Armory showed off a variety of new products today, including the widely rumored and eagerly anticipated 5.7 Rock handgun. They also had their PSAK-105 pistol that I shot yesterday, a PSAK in 5.56, and a clone of the Chinese “Spiker” AK in [Read More…]

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