[SHOT 2024] Zermatt Arms Shows New Chassis

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[SHOT 2024] Zermatt Arms Shows New Chassis

At SHOT 2024, Nebraska-based Zermatt Arms unveiled its newest product, a chassis designed for the Remington 700 series. With its dedication to precision and quality, Zermatt has for years held a highly respected place in the industry of precision rifle accessories and actions.

The new chassis, a beauty of tactical design, is for short actions at present. However, the company has plans to launch a version tailored for long-action in the foreseeable future. Interestingly, their focus remains on the Remington 700 design exclusively, with no plans to adapt this chassis for other actions. This decision underlines Zermatt’s commitment to specialization and their close relationship with Remington’s products.

The Zermatt chassis comes with an option for either a vertical or swept grip, adding to its customizable features, which already include 1/4-inch spacers that can adjust the length of pull, maintaining that Zermatt’s products are adaptive to the individual user’s needs. Emphasizing its dedication to comfort and serious shooting capability, it also sports a LimbSaver AirTech recoil pad, which will undoubtedly be an attractive feature to precision shooters.

While its versatile functionality makes it a top choice for PRS or tactical shooting, prospective buyers should note that the chassis may not be as well suited for hunting applications owing to its weight. At a solid 6 1/2 pounds, it’s designed more for stability than portability.

Esthetically, the Zermatt chassis stands out too. It’ll be available in a variety of colors or a camo finish, adding a dimension of style to the blend of precision and functionality this chassis offers. A customizable mag release tab feature, adjustable for height, further adds to its appeal.

The MSRP stands at $2,150, a reflection of the high-quality materials used in the chassis as well as the specialized craftsmanship that goes into each Zermatt product. The company’s reputation for excellence, while appealing to a niche market, continues to grow, and the new Remington 700 series chassis merely adds to their stellar product line.

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  • Justin Doc Justin Doc on Jan 31, 2024

    These AI written articles are terrible. I can't wait for everyone to turn their backs on this tech takeover and bring some humanity back to journalism.
    Aside from that, the chassis is meh with an insane price. Best of luck to 'em.