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[SHOT 2022] Dead Foot Arms AR Underfolder, Quasi MP5 and Killdozer Build (1)

[SHOT 2022] Dead Foot Arms AR Underfolder, Quasi MP5 and Killdozer Build

At SHOT Show 2022, Dead Foot Arms released several new products and had head-turner builds displayed in their booth like their Killdozer AR, themed after Marvin Heemeyer‘s bulldozer. I am not sure how a bulldozer blade shaped muzzle device will perform. Is it a [Read More…]

[SHOT 2022] A Glock Mag Roller-Delay PCC: The Angstadt Arms MDP-9

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at Angstadt to discuss the new MDP-9 pistol caliber carbine. According to Angstadt: “The patent pending roller-delayed action of the MDP-9 significantly reduces the weight and recoil of the gun. Making it one of the softest shooting pistol caliber [Read More…]

[SHOT 2022] Nocturn Industries New Katana, Battery Packs & Tanto Daisho Bridge

If you have been following my Friday Night Lights Series, you will have read up on Nocturn Industries. They have established themselves in the commercial night vision market as an up and coming night vision housing manufacturer and have gained the respect of many in the [Read More…]

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