[SHOT 2024] META Tactical Taurus G3 Apex Carbine Conversion

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by TFB Staff
[SHOT 2024] META Tactical Taurus G3 Apex Carbine Conversion

META Tactical, renowned globally for providing the first-ever pistol to bullpup kit, shows no sign of slowing down the innovation train; the team has recently added the Taurus G3 to their impressive lineup of products, and they introduced it at SHOT 2024. The company’s unique offering – a platform that notably includes Glock, P80, PSA Dagger, Shadow Systems, and Smith & Wesson kits – now features this new addition.

The META Tactical team elaborated on the process of carabinizing your pistol, which is refreshingly straightforward. You start by replacing your handgun’s barrel with a 16” barrel fabricated specifically by META Tactical. Then, simply slide your newly outfitted pistol barrel into the Apex chassis. Just like that, the conversion is complete. Taurus G3 owners can now experience the conversion process with their pistols.

The Apex carbine conversion weighs 3.25 lbs and has ambidextrous controls. The shell deflector, charging handle, and magazine release are designed for comfortable use by both left and right-handed shooting enthusiasts.

Another significant feature of this conversion kit is its compatibility. It readily accommodates suppressor height sights and is prepared for optics-ready slides. This makes the Apex carbine conversion not only a practical choice for Taurus G3 owners but also a forward-thinking one.

Importantly, while providing a wide array of features, META Tactical remains compliant with federal laws and regulations. As the interest in such modification kits grows, the compliance of these kits with legislation is a crucial factor for potential customers.

META Tactical’s new Taurus G3 Apex Carbine Conversion continues the pioneer work of this veteran company. By offering straightforward conversion coupled with innovative features, META Tactical solidifies its place in the industry as a go-to source for firearms enthusiasts looking to enhance their shooting experience.

TFB Staff
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