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Boberg XR9-S Field Strip

The Boberg pistols were a line of fascinatingly complex pocket handguns mostly chambered in 9mm that live on in the Bond Arms Bullpup. These interesting pieces are very unconventionally laid out and even feature a cartridge switch like a 1919 or PKM machine gun, but draw from a magazine instead of a [Read More…]

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IDF and the Micro Tavor X95

A solider posted up some photos of himself and his platoon from back when he served in the IDF in 2010-2012. He focuses mostly on the X95. There are a LOT of photos and comments with each photo. It is interesting seeing the subtle differences and seeing how the guns [Read More…]

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British Action Match With AMU

The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) sent their Action Shooting Team to train the British Army Combat Action Shooting Team. Here is a video of the BACST showing off what they learned in a 3Gun style action stage. They are using the SA80 and what looks like a Glock 17. [Read More…]

img_0787.jpeg All caliber fit into the same chassis. .308 pictured above, .223 below. Capture 2015-10-19 01_38_14-New Kel-Tec RDB Bullpup - YouTube Grant Cunningham Capture Capture FCB6942BA3BF9443 IMG_5295