MK Machining MK2.5 Bullpup Chassis

    MK Machining is known for the additive manufacturing services, at least that is how I know of them. They print parts for Nocturn Industries and Noise Fighters. Well, they just announced their MK2.5 bullpup chassis for Remington 700 SA.

    Bullpup @ TFB:

    MK Machining is coming out with a bullpup chassis for precision bolt guns. Take a look at the diagram below.

    The MK2.5 is an updated version of what we saw in this POTD.

    Curtis Custom Axiom

    Photo by Curtis Custom

    Look at the MK Machining MK2.5 above and the MK2 below. It does not look like much has changed but MK Machining has reduced the weight of the MK2.5 by 8 ounces, half a pound. Part of that is the updated optics hood/rail. It is made of a solid piece of metal now and skeletonized more. So now it is stronger and lighter.

    MK Machining bullpup chassis

    Photo by MK Machining

    Here are some photos by Oleg Volk of an MK Machining MK2 bullpup chassis. It has a Vudoo action installed in it and it is quite the plinker.

    Photo by Oleg Volk

    Photo by Oleg Volk

    I spoke with Tyler Kemp and he told me they improved how the trigger linkage is attached. Before they used to use two set screws that press up against a flat in the trigger linkage bar. Well, now they switched to a collar design so now you have 360º clamping force on the entire circumference of the trigger linkage. While it was rare for the older trigger linkage design to slip and fail, now it is nearly impossible.

    The MK2.5 bullpup chassis will retail for $1,999.99. Some may think that a bullpup trigger will be terrible but they have a custom trigger by Timney that is adjustable from 6 ounces to 1.5lbs. According to some people who have tried the MK Machining MK2 chassis, the trigger is fantastic. PRS shooters cannot find fault in it. Another added benefit to the MK Machining bullpup chassis is that it is right and left-handed compatible. No other parts are needed. The older bullpup chassis was only made for Remington 700 short action but with the MK2.5, they will be making their bullpup chassis for Remington 700 long action as well as Tikka rifles.

    I have reached out to MK Machining to see if they will let us borrow an MK2.5 chassis and they said yes. So look forward to an in-depth review of this bullpup bolt gun chassis in the near future.

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