POTD: Smith & Wesson’s M&P12 Shotgun

    M&P12 Smith Wesson Shotgun
    You have most likely not missed the fact that Smith & Wesson released a new shotgun called the M&P12. It’s a 12 gauge bullpup shotgun and since we have some cool pictures of it that are worthy of a Photo Of The Day here we are.
    The M&P12 has a downward-facing ejection and loading port. It uses two tubular magazines with a total capacity of 14 rounds (depending on ammunition). 12 rounds is the maximum if you’re using 3” magnum shells.

    The pump-action shotgun has ambidextrous controls, M&P grip and Picatinny rails.

    Introducing the M&P®12 BULLPUP SHOTGUN: the ultimate compact & maneuverable 12 gauge pump-action package.

    Do you also want to see Jerry Miculek do an octo-load with the M&P 12? Below you can see the two tubes.
    Feel free to compare it to the: Shotgun Diplomacy with the Tavor TS12 or our review of this competitor: IWI Tavor TS12 Shotgun.
    You can also check TFB’s article from the other day here: Smith & Wesson Announces The New M&P12
    What do you think about it? Interested in buying one? Would you use a red dot on yours or iron sights?