True Velocity Announces the Genesis

    The Genesis (True Velocity)

    During SHOT 2022 we reported that True Velocity and Beretta USA were to partner production of TV’s NGSW weapon and development of the rifle for international and commercial sale! True Velocity have taken another step toward commercial sales of the 6.8mm bullpup.

    True Velocity & NGSW @TFB:

    True Velocity have announced that thier NGSW prototype, the RM277, will be available commercially and that interested individuals can sign up “to reserve a place in line”.

    The Genesis (True Velocity)

    The commercial version of the RM277 has been named the ‘Genesis’. Initially a General Dynamics-OTS design, True Velocity (and LoneStar Future Weapons) acquired the design when GD-OTS decided to divest from the NGSW.

    The exact role of Beretta in the development of the Genesis is unknown but the announcement during SHOT Show said:

    Beretta USA will also take a leading role in the development of a variant of the RM277 intended for sale to international allies of the United States, as well as a semi-automatic variant of the RM277 rifle intended for civilian sale in the U.S. commercial market.

    True Velocity began to announce the news on social media last night, sharing a simple rotating graphic of the ‘Genesis’ and the following short caption:

    True Velocity is excited to announce the most advanced rifle ever created, “The Genesis”. To reserve your place in line to order, sign up with your email on our website at There will be limited production so act quickly. You will be receiving more information soon regarding the commercial version of the Next Generation platform “The Genesis”.

    The “most advanced rifle ever created” is a big claim. But even more interesting is the video True Velocity shared on their sign up page for the Genesis:

    We get a look at some of the internals as well as the rifle’s gas and recoil mitigation systems. It appears to use a short stroke gas system with a counterweight. Intriguingly, unlike in previous videos of the weapon firing the barrel does not appear to recoil.

    Another aspect to consider is if the Genesis will ship with its Delta P-designed suppressor. Which of course in the US would require an NFA tax stamp to own privately.

    Here are some stills from the announcement video that give us a closer look at the rifle:

    The Genesis (True Velocity)

    The Genesis (True Velocity)

    The Genesis (True Velocity)

    The Genesis (True Velocity)

    No word yet on the bullpup will be available but you can sign up for news about the Genesis at

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