JTAC’s NEW Bullpup Lower Receiver For Stribog SP9-A3 Pistols

    JTAC Stribog Bullpup Lower

    JTAC Industries recently launched a brand new bullpup lower receiver for the Stribog SP9-A3 pistol that also accepts CZ Scorpion pattern magazines. JTAC reports that their Stribog Bullpup Lower doesn’t require any modification to the Stribog upper, and installs via two bolts and two pins. They also stated that their bullpup lower is not a serialized part, and thus, can be shipped directly to customers without the need to go through a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).

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    The JTAC L1 Stribog Bullpup Pistol Lower for the Stribog SP9-A3 is designed to improve the maneuverability and stability of the pistol particularly when suppressed. It incorporates several other improvements to the Stribog platform including compatibility with Magpul Scorpion Mags, an improved trigger and better overall ergonomics.

    JTAC Stribog Bullpup Lower receiver

    • Bullpup configuration for better pistol balance (especially when suppressed)
    • Compatible with AR-15 style ambi or single side selector switches
    • 4-4.5lb single stage trigger
    • Single rear and dual front Q.D. sockets
    • M-lok slots
    • Compatible with Magpul Scorpion Mags
    • Compatible with existing stribog backup sights
    • No machining or native firearm modification required
    • Installs with two bolts and two pins
    • Lower receiver removable with two pins similar to AR type firearms
    • This lower is not a serialized component meaning it does not need to be shipped to an FFL
    • Compatible with HB Industries locking charging handle blocks
    • Compatible with the SP9-A3 (SP9-A1 compatibility planned and expected, but not fully tested

    JTAC Stribog Bullpup Lower receiver

    The JTAC Stribog Bullpup Lower Receiver will come assembled, with the trigger selector switch and a user-selected pistol grip, as well as the handguard extension. At this time, JTAC is still finalizing their pricing, but they stated the Stribog Bullpup Lower will be available for pre-order in late December 2021 or early January 2022 and should begin shipping at the end of the First Quarter of 2022. In the meantime, you can follow JTAC Industries’ Facebook or Instagram pages, YouTube channel, or just visit their website jtacindustries.com to see all of their products. You can keep checking their Stribog Bullpup Lower page HERE to see when the pricing hits and pre-order begins.

    What do you think about the new JTAC Stribog Bullpup Lower receiver? Does this breathe new life into the bullpup concept?

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