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Stock photo birchwood1 gatorade hogue1 IMG_1072 pistolet-lebedeva-14-kalashnikov-concern-pl-14-lebedev-pistol l_078000200_13 steampunk1 ATT_1434321832960_PicsArt_1420171110129-1 TMARCKMRS Image from Smith & Wesson Forums. ZP8_00 2015-06-16 00_15_53-Untitled Document trulock1 fab1 P1010152 safariland1 CASCADE NEWS PIX - PIC shows Eileen Burgoyne, whose death ended up sparking a bomb scare after weapons and ammunition were discovered at her home in Twickenham, Surrey,including a fully operational Sten sub-machine gun. Now personal effects detailing some of her career in the Second World War have been sent to her cousin, Georgina Wood, detailing some of her work. But it is believed the full extent will never be known because it was classified.