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If You Could Launch An Ammo Line…

A hypothetical question: If you could launch your own line of ammunition, what would you do? Considering the sheer number of ammo lines out there and their varied applications, is there really anything that can be improved upon? Or if not improved upon, perhaps simply [Read More…]


Caliber Configuration Podcast with Yours Truly at Gun Guy Radio

Back in March, I wrote a post on caliber configuration, or the effort to create and standardize effective and economical ammunition for infantry small arms. As mentioned in the post itself, it was written as a more in-depth companion article for a podcast recorded by [Read More…]

uCoJtPi new-Heat-stroke-open-pic legal-fundamentals-of-self-defense xs2 Baschieri & Pellagri STEM-162 IMGP0542 IMG_4417 DSC01754 Vortex first launched the Strike Eagle 1-6 x 24mm riflescope in mid-2015.  The scope itself is marketed by Vortex as being dual use: Shooting Tactical/ Hunting. Shield 2 46e6caa8-4adc-4e06-af77-140785023b2e 1653309_1054517124613193_7080753885094939264_n guntv lucania2 AMTAC CMR-30 uAuCO9c
emergency radio

Midland E+Radios

The Midland Radio Corporation has a new set of radios designed for personal use in an emergency situation. The E-READY Emergency Two-Way Radios are sold in a kit that provides a few of the essentials that may be needed in some kinds of emergencies. When phone lines are [Read More…]

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