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1st Shot 9809Combat_Diver-114 Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 7.12.22 PM 2014-12-02 02_09_37-Shooting .22 PELLETS Using NAIL GUN Blanks_ (2800+ FPS!) - YouTube


When I first learned to shoot a long gun, we didn’t have forward grip devices, nor the “C” grip technique (not that they weren’t available in general, just not to me). Our push/pull method involved the forward hand gripping the front of the [Read More…]

shotgun1 Hillsborough-FL-flute-gun31 2014-11-26 17_40_20-Interview & Shooting_ Jim Sullivan, AR-15 Designer - YouTube 2248e8c664e6e8327a85476eb731f8e8_large rem recall B9315226562Z.1_20141122150314_000+GT1913L7A.1-0 P1130500