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Black Rifle Coffee Company – Thin Blue Line Blend

I have been trying to find a way to talk about Dallas for the last week, but each time I tried to put pen to paper I failed miserably. I would like to think that we here at TFB provide quality equipment reviews, news, tips, techniques and other information to our [Read More…]

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More on the Winchester-Burton Machine Rifle, from Forgotten Weapons

One of the early automatic rifles that has caught my interest for several years going now is the Winchester Machine Rifle, also known as the Burton Machine Rifle or the Light Machine Rifle. The Burton – as I’ll call it for the purposes of today’s post [Read More…]

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Taking a Closer Look at the Cycle: Firing (Operating Systems 201)

In the first post of the 101 level series on firearms operating systems, we briefly described what the word cycle means in terms of the operation of automatic firearms. However, there’s a lot more to the cycle of an automatic firearm than just the completion of [Read More…]

GOvWgPM FBI_Badge__gun-glock P1030632 IMGP4421 A pistol described by some articles as the Udav, though I have not confirmed this.  Image source: 4HHmwGh redwings3

Remembering Operation Red Wings 11 Years Later

Although this is not a firearms-related post, it is relevant both within the firearms industry and because it is a point of respect – and pride. June 28, 2016 is the 11th anniversary of Operation Red Wings. The nation at large became far more aware of it thanks to [Read More…]

midwaymat2 CRKT Jettison 13266024_10154258513760337_2777266814558369206_n Cheeseball 20425548 TNQ 9mm Frang HP Gel Block I am using this image because it's awesome. 25_45_animation02