[SHOT 2024] Alien Gear Releases All New TAQ-STRAP

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff
[SHOT 2024] Alien Gear Releases All New TAQ-STRAP

Alien Gear, an established brand in the field of tactical gear, has announced the launch of an innovative holster add-on for this year – the TAQ-STRAP. Tailor-made for professionals in military, police, or duty-based roles, the TAQ-STRAP blends tactical efficiency with user-friendly design features.

The TAQ-STRAP is a tourniquet-integrated gear strap – a unique addition to the market touted as the first of its kind by Alien Gear. This strap guarantees a universal fit and is easily adjustable, thanks to the inbuilt ratchet system. These ratchets can be tightened quickly to stem a traumatic bleed from the leg during emergencies.

Complementing the ratchet design is a quick-release mechanism, ensuring swift removal of the tourniquet when required. This feature in itself is a significant game-changer, enabling individuals to address emergencies more effectively.

The TAQ-STRAP comes in a choice of black or tan finishes. It is compatible with 1.5” strapped equipment, offering enhanced versatility. The ladder strap is a considerable 11” long, a testament to its design that prioritizes user convenience and functionality.

Importantly, the TAQ-STRAP can be operated with one hand, a well-thought-out design element that understands the on-field realities of its target users.

Alien Gear is also set to release a new Rapid Force Leather Duty Belt on March 15th, which could pair quite well with the TAQ-STRAP. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for those in duty/military/police driven occupations.

Alien Gear’s latest product, the TAQ-STRAP, indeed seems to embody the company’s focus on tactical utility and user-friendly design, setting new standards for tactical gear in 2024.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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