[SHOT 2024] Night Fision OMD Sights Cover All Your Bases

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff

At SHOT 2024, Night Fision introduced its OMD sight line. This innovative product attaches directly to a red dot sight, providing users with a tritium-powered back-up iron sight. To meet various user needs, the sights will be offered in multiple heights, though the size of the red dot sight will naturally limit the height options. The company has set the expected MSRP for this product at approximately $118.

Night Fision emphasizes the use of high-quality Swiss tritium in their OMD sights, reportedly incorporating 30 percent more than what is found in competing products. A spokesperson for the company indicated the expected lifespan of the sights: “We have a 16, 17-year lifespan with a 12-year half-life,” underscoring the product’s durability and long-term reliability.

Night Fision also gave attendees a sneak peek at a forthcoming express-style shotgun sight, slated for release in 2024. This sight is due to be compatible with popular pump-action shotgun models, and it is designed to ensure ease of use and reliability in low-light conditions.

As per Night Fision’s announcement, these shotgun sights will be uniquely welded on by Vang Comp, which allows customers the convenience of shipping only their shotgun barrel for installation. This process eliminates the need for handling firearms transactions through Federal Firearms License (FFL) channels, thereby simplifying the upgrade process for shotgun enthusiasts.

Product specs for both the OMD sight line and the express-style shotgun sights have yet to be announced. Interested customers are advised to look out for further details to be released by Night Fision in the coming months.

By adding these additions to its catalog at SHOT 2024, Night Fision reiterates its commitment to enhancing shooting experiences through innovative sighting solutions. With the promise of improved visibility in low-light conditions and prolonged lifespan of its tritium-infused products, the company continues to cater to the practical needs of gun owners.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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