[SHOT 2024] Fastarmed: Biometric Self-Ejecting Gun Safe

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff

Fastarmed is debuting the updated version of their biometric self-ejecting gun safe at the SHOT 2024. The gun safe combines technologically advanced unlocking with practical speed and safety advancements.

Boasting an intelligent unlocking mechanism, the safe uses biometric identification as its primary entry point. This particular system is beneficial in ensuring only authorized users gain access to the firearm. Notably, although technology is at the forefront, a mechanical backup exists, reinforcing the device’s reliability.

Unique to this model is its auto-ejection feature. Upon successful unlocking, the pistol is automatically dispatched into the waiting hand of the user. The booth staff at the Fastarmed product display optimistically say, “It’s in your hand, armed in a second.” This automatic and swift release is designed to be tension-tuned to prevent the gun from being propelled with excessive force, ensuring the user does not lose control of it.

Practicality is also considered in the device’s design. The safe can connect to a wall outlet, making it an ideal home safe with a 48-hour battery backup. Alternatively, the safe can also hardwire to a vehicle’s 12V source, proving its versatility as a car safe.

A standout feature of the forthcoming product is the interchangeable caliber pins accommodating pistols chambered in common rounds like .40 S&W, 9×19, and .45 ACP.

The safe combines a durable metal interior with an injection-molded plastic exterior, ensuring the highest levels of security while maintaining a sleek aesthetic appeal.

Fastedarmed’s redesigned self-ejecting gun safe underscores the company’s commitment to providing secure, reliable, and adaptable safety solutions to firearm owners. The eagerly awaited product, built by a new manufacturer, is set to hit the market in 2024. As Fastarmed readies itself to debut the device, it reasserts its position as a pioneer catering to the evolving needs of firearm-owning households.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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