[SHOT 2024] Lock 'Em Up Barska Launches New Biometric Safes

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff

At SHOT Show 2024, Barska launched a new lineup of biometric gun safes. Barska isn’t a newcomer to the safe industry. The company’s representative stated they have been in the business of manufacturing safes for over a decade now. However, the addition of touchscreen features marks a fresh evolution in their line of products.

The key attractions in the new array included two biometric safes. The larger one boasts a size of 1.5 cubic feet, enhanced with a biometric lock and a touchscreen keypad. This cutting-edge safe can be programmed to identify up to two different fingerprints – enhancing the security measures. The recommended retail price for this model is $319, with exterior dimensions of 17.72×14.12×13 inches and an internal measurement of 17.6x14x10.5 inches. Its weight is set at a manageable 39.7lb.

A second biometric safe on display was relatively smaller, measuring 1.09 cubic feet. It comes with the same high-tech biometric and touchscreen features as the larger model. This safe retails at $269.99 and is lighter by nearly 9 pounds. Its exterior and interior measurements are slightly smaller, at 8.86×17.52×14.96 inches and 8.7×17.36×12.44 inches, respectively.

In addition to these, a 0.41 cubic foot safe was also showcased. It carries along the same biometric lock technology with a touchscreen keypad, just like its larger counterparts. All the safes require 4 AA batteries to function.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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