[SHOT 2024] New Caldwell Claymore Solo and Pull-Pup Clay Throwers, VelociRadar Chronograph

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by TFB Staff

Caldwell announced the introduction of the Claymore Solo Clay Thrower, the latest addition to its lineup of shooting sports equipment designed for enthusiasts looking to enhance their clay target shooting experience. The new Claymore Solo comes as a refined alternative to the previously released Claymore clay target thrower, now featuring a more streamlined design for ease of use and transportation.

The Claymore Solo distinguishes itself by removing the hopper and flapper system found in last year’s model. This change pares down the complexity and weight, resulting in a clay target thrower that is not only highly portable but also focuses on a single-clay operation. The arm of the Claymore Solo automatically resets after each throw, facilitating rapid reloading and maintaining the momentum of shooting sessions.

To cater to varying preferences and needs, the Claymore Solo is equipped with folding legs that collapse, thus enabling compact storage and convenient transport. Furthermore, the thrower allows shooters to make toolless angle adjustments, which offers quick changes in the target flight path to simulate different shooting scenarios, challenging the shooter’s skills with each launch.

Product specs for the Claymore Solo are as follows:
– Arm automatically resets after each throw for rapid reloading
– Folding legs collapse for easy transport and compact storage
– Toolless angle adjustment quickly changes target flight path
– Throws mini, midi, and standard clays; singles and doubles
– MSRP: $179.99

In response to public curiosity regarding the scarcity of chronographs in their product range, Caldwell has revealed the reason behind the apparent hiatus. The company has been developing the VelociRadar, a high-end chronograph that promises comprehensive utility and enhanced safety for both the equipment and the user. The VelociRadar is designed to perform with precision in diverse conditions, thanks to its radar technology which operates reliably in both indoor and outdoor lighting situations.

This new chronograph allows users to measure from the convenience of their shooting bench, eliminating the need to venture downrange. It has the capacity to store extensive shooting data, with up to 100 sessions and 100 shots per session. The VelociRadar is versatile in compatibility, suitable for a wide range of firearms and archery equipment.

The VelociRadar’s specs include:
– Radar technology unaffected by lighting for reliable indoor/outdoor use
– Measure from bench, no need to go downrange
– Store up to 100 sessions with 100 shots per session
– Suitable for rifles, shotguns, handguns, airguns, archery
– MSRP: $549.99

Adding a unique twist to the conventional handheld clay target throwers, Caldwell has also launched the Pull-Pup. This new product creatively combines elements from their stationary Claymore series and handheld throwers. The Pull-Pup, akin to a clay pigeon gun, operates via a concealed throwing arm and features a double grip, dual trigger mechanism—a safety trigger and a firing trigger.

With the Pull-Pup, shooters can adjust angles on the fly, providing a dynamic range of target presentations. Safety is also a focus, as built-in grip safeties ensure that hands remain clear of the throwing arm and target path. The Pull-Pup is capable of launching various sizes of clay targets, including standards, midis, and minis, to a distance of over 55 yards, with an open front design allowing quick clearing of broken clays while out in the field.

The Pull-Pup offers the following specifications:
– Adjust angles on the fly to vary target presentations
– Built-in grip safeties keep hands clear of arm/target path
– Launches standards, midis, and minis over 55 yards
– Open front for quick clearing of broken clays in the field
– MSRP: $69.99

Caldwell’s latest offerings in shooting sports equipment demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation tailored towards enhancing the user experience in clay target shooting. The Claymore Solo, VelociRadar, and Pull-Pup, each have their individual characteristics and advantages, promising a mix of precision, versatility, and safety for shooting enthusiasts.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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