[SHOT 2024] DryFireMag Offers Easy Practice, Now For SIG Sauer P365

TFB Staff
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[SHOT 2024] DryFireMag Offers Easy Practice, Now For SIG Sauer P365

DryFireMag, regarded for offering an effective dryfire solution for various handgun models including Glock, Springfield XD, and SIG Sauer P320, has now introduced a model compatible with the SIG Sauer P365. The device, which alters a traditional pistol for dryfire training, provides a realistic simulation of trigger release and reset without the need for shooters to rack the firearm’s slide after each shot.

The magazine has been praised for allowing practical and economical training in a time when ammunition shortage has become all too common, and costs are steadily climbing. The ability for people to train “like you want to shoot”, including the capability for quick-succession shots or ‘double-taps,’ without the need for ammunition, makes DryFireMag a device that is keenly relevant in today’s climate.

The advanced training tool fits easily into the magazine well of a SIG Sauer P365, requiring no alterations to the pistol before or after the training session. It offers a tactile and audible simulation of trigger release and reset, ensuring a realistic dryfire experience. Importantly, the DryFireMag does not engage or release the pistol’s firing pin, thereby sparing any wear on the firearm.

DryFireMag’s innovative technology extends to a laser-based target practice system capability, meaning you can train wherever and whenever using laser-interactive targets. The addition of this system transformed the training landscape earlier this year. DryFireMag recommends coupling its technology with Virtual Shot’s virtual firing range for an even more exceptional training experience from the comfort of one’s home.

Reflecting on the increasing array of compatible platforms, it was a few SHOT Shows back when DryFireMag was available exclusively for Glock pistols. The duo of specialist dryfire training and laser-targeted systems have since expanded to include models for Springfield XD, S&W M&P, and SIG Sauer P320, with a reveal that DryFireMag will cater to the M&P Shield in the near future.

The latest offering for the SIG Sauer P365 is priced at $98.99, whereas kits that bundle the magazine with laser target practice systems begin from $299. A representative from DryFireMag, however, advises against purchasing for Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) owners as, currently, there is no carbine seen to be compatible. They did hint at future developments including an AR-compatible dryfire magazine.

The inclusion of practical dryfire tools like DryFireMag in one’s training regime, and the device’s continual advancement and range expansion, underscore the evolution of firearms training, offering an increasingly effective, affordable and adaptable approach for enthusiasts to hone their skills.

TFB Staff
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  • ARCNA442 ARCNA442 on Jan 23, 2024

    That's a really innovative product I hadn't seen before. $100 for just the mag seems a little steep though. Anyone have experience with it and think it's worth the cost?

    • TexasJeff TexasJeff on Jan 24, 2024

      @ARCNA442 I thought the same thing, before I reluctantly bought mine a couple of years ago (different firearm model). It is absolutely worth it, as long as you keep practicing with it regularly! It is especially effective when paired with the MantisX training system.

  • Redd_14 Redd_14 on Jan 23, 2024

    I'm glad Dry Fire Mag, (DFM) was able to release this.
    Being able to use this type of device for dry fire training means more new shooters can improve their skills with a popular striker-fired platform and not build in training scars, (teaching yourself to rack the slide every time you pull the trigger). I'm a DA/SA guy at heart, but will be purchasing one of these when they hit the market.