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POTD: Maxrounds vs. Magpul D-60

If you shoot a Molot or a Saiga Shotgun I am sure you are annoyingly very familiar with how often you have to change magazines. The normal one only holds 8 or 10 rounds, which can fly out in matters of seconds. The magazine is empty before you read this sentence. With [Read More…]

Picra HUMBUK-05 acoustical weapon

10 POUND 60mm Ultra Light Mortar Adopted by Polish Special Forces Group

The Polish Special Forces support unit Jednostka Wojskowa Nil has ordered a batch of 27 60mm vz. 99 Antos ultralight mortars, following up a previous order earlier this year. MilMag has an excellent article detailing this acquisition and the features of the [Read More…]

Czech Republic To Donate vz. 58s To Iraq, Kurdistan, To Fight ISIS

The Czech Republic has announced that it will donate obsolete vz. 58 rifles, both new and used, to the Iraqi and Kurdish regional government. The vz. 58 is an unusual assault rifle often confused with the famous Kalashnikov pattern of rifles, but very different [Read More…]