Czech Small Arms Introduces vz.15 Ultra Low Bore Axis Pistol

    Image source: CzechPoint

    Is 2017 the Year of the Low Bore Axis? It seems like it just might be! Amid a sea of other pistols advertised as having low bore axes (some of which do deliver on that claim), the Jablunka-based Czech Small Arms has introduced a new pistol with about as low a bore axis as is possible on a gun with the magazine feeding through the grip. The new handgun was introduced at IWA 2017, and is called the vz.15. CzechPoint posted photos of the new gun on their Facebook page:

    Manticore Arms and Polish guns magazine Broń. Amunicja also posted photos to their Facebook feeds:

    Polenar Tactical took a photo of the new pistol which illustrates one of its more unusual features of the guns at the show: Full length polymer frame rails! Commenters on the Polenar Tactical Facebook page expressed their doubt that polymer frame rails could really be durable enough for steady use, but a comment by PT said that CSA reps had explained the polymer frame rails were for the prototypes only. This makes sense, but with CzechPoint quoting a ship date in Fall 2017, it seems fairly late in the game to still be using prototype frames with polymer rails!

    CzechPoint said the sales price of the vz.15 would be “approximately $400”, making the vz.15 look like it could be a pretty strong offering when compared to similar low bore axis firearms like the Strike One. CSA also said the new pistol will use Mec-Gar XD 18 round magazines.

    Nathaniel F

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