People Defensive Shooting, a Czech Competition

    Lidová Obranná Střelba, aka LOS, translates to People Defensive Shooting. It is a Czech shooting competition. It was started by the LEX Association. They are an association for the protection of rights for gun owners. They started LOS back in 2005. It is similar to IDPA where the shooter must conceal their firearm and shoot from cover.

    According to Zdenek Malanik of Trigger Service the shooter does not preview the stage. He or she shoots the stage cold.

    Here is a sample target he brought out to show me. It is similar in size and shape to USPSA/IDPA/IPSC however the zones are different. I highlighted the perforations and marked the zones in blue.

    los tARGET


    For more information go to LOS Official Website. It helps if you copy and paste the website into Google Translate, unless you are fluent in Czech.


    Here is a video I found on youtube of a LOS shooter.

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