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Armless Man Is Still Armed

This is some fancy footwork. Bubba Stevenson was born without arms. Yet that does not dissuade him at all. He participated in a local IDPA match. Ken Cash posted up this video. I wanted to share this with the blue bullet shooters. This is Bubba Stevenson. He came to our [Read More…]

F.A.S.T. Challenge Coin

Pistol-training.com has set up a simple test but only 11 people have won the challenge. Here are those people. #00 Todd Louis Green #01 SLG (Sep’07) #02 David Sevigny (Feb’08) #03 Todd Kennedy (May’09) #04 Ernest Langdon (October’09) #05 Justin Dyal [Read More…]

IDPA Bans CZ-Accu Shadow

The day before IDPA Nationals, IDPA sent out an email banning the CZ Accu-Shadow from SSP (Stock Service Pistol) division. Caleb, over at Gun Nuts Media, explains why the CZ Accu-Shadow is illegal based on a review of IDPA rules. To understand why the Accu-Shadow is [Read More…]

Incredibly unsafe pistol demo?

Last month in the Russian town of Tarusa, IDPA shooters held a public demonstration of their sport and allowed the local to give it a go. I must admit I was shocked to see that the demonstration was done out in the open, from an elevated position, with people, vehicles [Read More…]